Verandas & Pergolas

The wrap-around veranda is still as beautiful as ever

Add Timeless Charm To Your Property With a Veranda

Verandas are still very popular with modern and traditional homes by extending your living spaces to the wrap-around exterior of your property. Wander from the front door to go look at the back garden, all perfectly sheltered from the elements as you sip your coffee. The wrap-around veranda is still as beautiful as ever and can make a house truly look like a home.

Add sheltered passage and relaxing space with a Pergola

Pergolas are sheltered passageways, walkways or sitting areas notably made up of pillars. You can connect them as shaded paths from one part of your garden to another or act as protection for a terrace or livable area.

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What Is A Verandas?

Verandas differ from porches in that they usually wrap around the home instead of shelter one area of the exterior, like your front or back doors. They can wrap around the entire house or just parts of it and can be enclosed by fencing or windbreaks.

Add A Windbreak

Our Windbreaks are glass and aluminium structures that are installed to stop howling gales blustering you about while enjoying your outdoor living space. We can work with you to determine where the best installation spot for the windbreak is to get the most effective relief from the elements without closing off the outdoor view.

If You Want a windbreak?

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