Enjoy the outdoors with specialist protection from the wind

Protection from the wind

Our Windbreaks are glass and aluminium structures that are installed to stop howling gales from blustering you about while enjoying your outdoor living space. We can work with you to determine where the best installation spot for the windbreak is to get the most effective relief from the elements without closing off the outdoors.

Where can you put a windbreak

Pretty much anywhere outside that will structurally allow one to be erected. We can help you establish exactly where to install a windbreak based on the location of your outdoor area and its relation to high wind directions. Windbreakers for your garden, deck, patio or porch are a great addition if you find yourself in a wind tunnel, at a high ground level or anywhere that wind seems to batter while you try to enjoy the outdoors.

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Add value to your property as well as a beautiful room for you to relax in with an expertly crafted Windbreak.

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